Sunday, January 10, 2010

Foody Sunday

First, a few thank yous in no particular order...
  • Thank you to Jenny, Cristina, and Laura (ladies, are you reading this? ::wave::) for a yummy lunch today. Good company + good food = good times. :)
  • Thank you, blog followers, just for reading my blog. I hope I continue to keep your interest and that you continue to stop by.
  • Thank you for all the wonderful compliments I received regarding yesterday's haircut.
Speaking of the lunch today...wait, I'm not even going to get to the food yet. Let's talk about the tablescape that the hostess's mom put together. Seriously, how festive is this?! I really liked the hurricane candle holder center piece with the cranberries and tea lights so I snapped a picture of it and used it as today's Project 365 picture. Okay, onto food. So much yumminess: baked ziti, quiche, salad, fruit salad, veggie pizzas, pb brownies, pumpkin chocolate chip pound cake, and spiced cider. By the way, I started out with 2 loaves of pumpkin chocolate chip pound cake last night. Now, I only have 1. Yes! Sharing is caring...and also, I'm not stuck eating it myself!
Moving on. Some minor things that aren't involved enough to get their own full paragraph.
  • I used my new GPS for the first time today. I can't believe I left the house without the usual GoogleMaps printout. I just put all my faith in the little black gizmo and trusted that it'd get me to lunch today. Hmm, reliant much?
  • I went to Joann's craft store after the lunch today and even though I found some Studio G stamps that I liked and even had them in my hand as I was standing in the check out line, I ended up putting them back and left the store with nothing. I didn't feel like I had thought through exactly what I wanted to do with them, and I wanted to stick to my New Year's resolution of actually using stuff I buy. Gotta crack down on my own impulsive buying!
Here's today's card. I used a scalloped embellishment from a Paper Magic card kit because I thought it was cute. Staying true to my New Year's resolution (see above bullet), I opened an unused package of foam squares. I have never used them before because usually, when I want to create a 3D effect, my origami models take care of that for me. I used them to raise the scalloped embellishment. Surprisingly, I had a really difficult time exposing the adhesive. The little coverings just wouldn't come off! I was not pleased. However, I will give them another try some other time. Not going to give up on them yet.

Card Specs:
Scalloped embellishment and card base: Paper Magic
Foam adhesive: Making Memories

Song of the day: Don't have one for today. Too much chatting and eating to listen to any music in great length.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend and that your week starts off on a good note!

P.S. Thanks, Sharon for the mention in your blog post.


groovyinclinations said...
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groovyinclinations said...

LOVE your center piece! I do this too! I sometimes put some pine branches under the berries. Pretty, pretty bloggie! ( I do this too...great safe scents for your dwelling!)

Beth said...

It looks beautiful!

Southern Belle said...

That center piece looks very pretty.

Cristina said...

Represent!! I had so much fun on Sunday. :)

Too bad I totally rocked the Google Maps print out. Could that be why I got lost...?

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