Thursday, January 7, 2010

Polar Bears or Dogs?

Do you hear that faint whining sound? Yep, that's the sound of my thighs crying from the soreness resulting from tonight's spin class. That's what happens when the instructor suggests several times over the course of 45 minutes to turn the bike knob to the highest resistance ever and then go fast. Mmmkay. It's not too bad when you've got the momentum going, but the second you stop, the pedals feel like cement. How do I know? Because I stalled out 2 or 3 times. I'm still glad I went. Taking a break tomorrow, whew!

Here's today's card...yep, another Valentine's Day one. I decided to use the 2 polar bear origami model as the focus of the card. I've been told that they look like 2 dogs. Which one do you think it is? Either way, it's cute. I've used this model for anniversary cards, which were popular at the craft shows that I did last year. The pink background looked a little empty, but I didn't want to put patterned paper down in case it clashed with the brown origami paper. I settled with heat embossing clear hearts to give a little texture. You like?

Card Specs:
Embossing powder: Stampendous! in clear
Embossing ink: VersaMark
Ink: StazOn in Jet Black
Stamps: Studio G

Song of the day: "Defying Gravity" from the Wicked Soundtrack. Oh, random, I heard MMMBop while listening to internet radio today at work. Talk about an oldie (but not a goodie)!


Piggy said...

Cute card! Definitely dogs for me! I donno.. it's the face shape I supposed especially the brown one :) But cute nevertheless!

God Bless

quiltingfrenzy said...

They are really cute, whatever they are.:)

Kate and Oli said...

that is the cutest idea ever! they look like dogs to me :)

I found your blog through etsy forums and just wanted to say hi and that your blog is lovely! have a beautiful weekend!

xo, Katie

Sharon said...

Very cute! I say dogs!

artinfo said...

I just had to comment on your Spin Class moment....been there too! Its amazing how your nailed it...feeling like pushing down on two cement blocks...YOWZA! Good luck with that...and take at least one day to rest your "screaming" thighs!
Take it easy,
Tracey Ann

sMacThoughts said...

You make delightful cards! (saw you in the Etsy forums)

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