Monday, January 25, 2010

Green Elephant Party

Today at work, we had a green elephant party. It's similar to a white elephant party, but instead of buying your gift, you just had to bring something that you already had from home or something. The regifting is supposed to be "green," hence the name. I brought in two DVDs: Coraline and Mamma Mia and in return, I got a set of bracelets. I took a picture of it with the webcam that's attached to my work labtop. I hope no one was walking by when I was testing it out. Heh. Other gifts included a ladies watch, "Spa Sounds" CD, socks, pedometer that we got in our new employee goodie bags, "All of Me" DVD (never heard of the movie), and a baby book. I wish more people participated; I think people might have just forgotten since it's Monday.

I ended up going to spin class tonight. I didn't have a good excuse not to go. My legs felt sore this morning from yesterday's spinathon, but after I got moving, I was fine. I think I'll still go tomorrow, but then definitely take a break on Wednesday. I just finished watching 24. Watching Jack get all stressed out is draining. I feel stressed out for him and it's only the beginning of the season!

Song of the day: "Black and Gold"- Sam Sparro. I've been playing it non-stop since yesterday.


Mary said...

that sounds like a great idea, and lots of fun, too!

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