Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Assessment Day

I got a lesson in the Canadian accent today.
  • Eh?

  • Washroom = bathroom

  • La-bore-a-tor-y (laboratory)

  • A-boot (about)

  • Pro-cess (pronounce "pro" as in short for professional).
The work-related meeting went very smoothly today, HOORAY! I'm very thankful that the coordinators did such a wonderful job with the logistics, especially the food options. As for any work-related meeting, I ate the entire day. There were some danishes in the morning (nothing exciting), but then for lunch, there were sandwiches (I ate a roast beef one), soup (tomato something...didn't eat any of that, but I wish I had), and salad. I wish I was able to take a picture of the dessert tray because there was quite a selection: several types of pie (full slices), mini cheesecakes, tarts, brownies, and truffles. Yum.

For dinner, we went to the Five Fishermen restaurant, which was a place suggested by the cab driver. OMG, so good. I'm not huge on seafood, but my meal was so good. I had the seafood medley: pan-seared shrimp, scallops & halibut, lemon beurre blanc, lobster-leek & potato cake. Oh, yes, I definitely lived it up today. Weather permitting, I'll have my own mini-adventure around the city tomorrow before my flight.

I was able to catch the sunrise this morning, which was very pretty. I also noticed that my soda can is bilingual.


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