Friday, June 17, 2011

Comp Day

Whoo hoo, no work today! :) I was able to get everything that I wanted to get done done.
  • Spin class, check. The class started out with some technical difficulties because the audio system wasn't working. The staff was able to get the music playing, but then the headset microphone wasn't working. I hope it gets resolve by tomorrow's class.
  • Book donation, check. I spent some time last night deciding which books were coming with me to the new place. Because of the limited space at the townhouse, I want to make sure that bookshelf space is used wisely. I dropped off at least 25 books at the place for library donations. Most of the books were purchased used there anyway, so I guess it's all come full circle?
  • Visited kitties at Petsmart, check. They had some really young kitties there, probably around 8 weeks. It's hard to imagine that Ginger started out that small.
  • Green Lantern, check. The special effects were good and enhanced by the 3D glasses. I'm not really sure that I buy Ryan Reynolds as a superhero. Out of the 3 superhero movies I've seen this summer so far, my vote goes to Thor.
  • Craft store shopping, check. I went to Michaels and TJMaxx and came out with nothing in either store. Meh, I can save that money for the huge stamp sale going on over at TwoPeas or save it for house stuff.
When I got home from the movie, I got an Etsy convo from a buyer that wanted origami animals without the card. Here's what the finished order looked like.


Jen W. said...

Sounds like a pretty perfect day! :)

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