Thursday, June 9, 2011

Omaha, Day 4, 5, and 6

Ahhh, it's good to be back. Looks like the heat followed me back to DC...or perhaps it never left. Anyway, I think the Annual Meeting was a success. On my way home, I heard many of the members say how they enjoyed the meeting and hearing that feedback definitely makes all the preparation and work during the event well worth the effort. Onward to Seattle next year! Hopefully the weather will be more cooperative. ::fingers crossed::

When I was getting my tag printed for my poster tube, the gentleman at the counter...excuse me, the jerk at the counter (I would have used a stronger word to describe him, but I'll refrain from using any profanity), was totally causing a scene. He was making this HUGE stink about how a fire had prevented him from making his flight on time. The airline counter wouldn't let him board the plane because he was too late and they would not make any exceptions. He would have to get on another flight and of course, the airline wasn't being fast enough with getting his new ticket booked. He was cursing up a storm, and while that sounds bad already, there was a child next to him. What a poor example of how one should act in those types of stressful situations! I wanted to give the lady at the counter a hug because it's obviously not HER fault that the guy missed his flight. He must have left his manners at home or something.

I finally went to the BBQ place near the convention center called The Old Mattress Factory and got a pulled pork sandwich twice for dinner while I was in Omaha. Yum. The restaurant had a lobster tank in the corner where, for $2, you could use the mechanical claw to grab your lobster. I guess if you pick one up, the restaurant would boil it for you.


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