Saturday, March 13, 2010

Alexandria, VA

I could not muster the energy to go to spin class this morning, but I figured I'd even it out with the amount of walking I planned to do with Meg and her grandparents this afternoon. After lunch, I met up with Meg and went to Alexandria with her grandparents. I had met them several times while we were in school (the last time was at graduation, 5 years ago!), so it was very nice to see them again.

The first stop was Ann Taylor Loft. They were having a 30% off sale of everything that was regular price, so I bought a fuchsia (a pinky purple?) dress to add to my work wardrobe. Next, we went to "Why Not?", a children's toy and clothing store. They had quite a selection of finger puppets, all kinds of animals: chipmunk, dragons, hummingbirds, etc. And yes, Meg and I played around with them. "Oldies, but goodies" were there, such as Curious George and Peter Rabbit. I hope those guys never go out of style.

For dinner, we went to Villa D'Este, an Italian restaurant in Old Town Alexandria, and the food was VERY yummy. I had the spaghetti carbonara and a piece of tiramisu for dessert. Here are some pictures from the evening. Meg's cannoli with sprinkles and the dessert tray. I wish I took a picture of my dinner, but I was too busy scarfing it down.
When I left the restaurant, I felt very, very full. But then after I got home and peeked in the refrigerator out of curiosity, I found curry rice. I figured I had some room for "second dinner" and my cousin and sister (both are home for spring break) sat at the dining room table and caught up. They are helping me eat the bag of jelly beans I bought yesterday. Hooray for a great day! :D


Victoria said...

Mmmm, that cannoli looks lovely.

Glad you enjoyed your day!

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