Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Totally Busted

Before I get to the title of this blog post, let's talk about other things that happened today. Today was Day 2 of Employee Appreciation week at work, and the perk today was mini manicures. I decided to forgo the manicure because with all the paper crafting I do, I knew the manicure wouldn't last very long. I did get free food though in the form of pizza, cheese, and a candy bar (the new Milky Way caramel. It's just chocolate and caramel, no nougat. Yum.).

Janice the spin instructor totally busted me for not coming to class last week. I guess when you regularly go to class, people start to notice when you're not there. In my own defense, I felt like *censor* last week so that's why I didn't go to her class. It was a good class, but went by too quickly! The gym was offering free body fat percentage measurement sessions tonight. Last week, I thought it'd be a good idea to do it. But after all the food I ate today, mmmyeah. It didn't sound that great anymore.

I finished the custom order that came though this past weekend with 2 mother-of-the-bride cards. Per the buyer's specifications, I did an origami wedding dress with the sentiment she provided. I added a rhinestone for a little bling bling. Now I wait to get confirmation from the buyer that we're good to list, accept payment, and ship.


French Revelation said...

That card is just lovely - in fact your shop is too!

Missus D said...

Love that card!!

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