Friday, March 19, 2010

Marathon Day Eve

This morning, Page and I made our way back to Meg's place. But not before Mom made sure that Page got another helping of dumplings for breakfast and some bread from a Taiwanese bakery. There's an unofficial rule that people don't leave my house without something to eat.

The majority of today was spent at the Suntrust National Marathon Expo so that Meg could pick up her goodie bag and bib. We walked around to see the different vendors and I saw this shirt in one of the clothing booths. It made me smile. It's going to be an early morning for all of us tomorrow. Send good vibes to Meg tomorrow...the start for the marathon is 7 AM tomorrow. Page, some of Meg's family, and I are planning to be situated at Mile 3, 17, and 26.2. I'll definitely have an update...stay tuned!


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