Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shopping Sunday

I made it spin class today, yay! I was a little hesitant because the instructor was someone I hadn't seen before or taken a class with. Given that the last class that I took with someone unfamiliar wasn't too much fun, I was feeling a little nervous. However, I was pleasantly surprised that he was...pleasant. He looked like Chris Daughtry, which made it easier to remember his name because it was Chris too. Ha ha. The class was good- no yelling + good music. With the help of some endorphins, my mood went from "Meh" to "Today's going to be a good day." Cute front desk guy ask me how Chris's class was, and I said that he was good because he didn't yell that much. I went to get my purse and jacket in the locker room, and then thought "Wait, he didn't yell at all." So on my way out, I stopped by the front desk and said that I wanted to change my answer. "He was good because he didn't yell at all." Cute front desk guy and one of the trainers laughed, but I dunno if they were laughing at me or at what I said or what. I've decided that it doesn't really matter.

After a shower and something to eat, I made my way to the A.C.Moore in VA that Meg took Page and I to recently. I wanted to check out their clearance stamp section again. They still had a good selection left, yay! The lines were rather long, which was actually good for me because as I stood in line, it made me think of what I really wanted. I ended up taking a few stamps and ribbon back. However, I did buy some new stamps on clearance, a chalk ink pad on clearance, scrapbook paper on clearance, blending stumps, and a package of rhinestones on sale. As I was exiting the store, I remembered that there was a Michaels nearby, so I punched it in the GPS and made my way to that direction. What I didn't know was that there was a Dress Barn near the Michaels. Detour! I had been wanting to buy some more "professional" clothes for work, and they were having a sale...score! I ended up buying 4 dresses. Heh. They will be good to wear this upcoming summer. Ok, back to Michaels. Meh, nothing too interesting there, except for some cupcake stamps. I ended up getting 2 and using my 50% coupon. It's been a good shopping day. :)

Random act of kindness: as I was ripping out the coupon from the Michaels insert, I could tell that the lady in front of me was watching me. "Where did you get that?" "Um, the Washington Post." (pause) "Are you going to use all of them?" "Nope, here you go." I'm not going back to Michaels this week, so someone else can enjoy those coupons.

For today's card, I actually didn't use any of the crafty goodies I bought today. Weird, I know. Goals: use as many scraps as possible and use one of the border punches from my sister. I actually had a blue circle that I saved from when I tried out the Martha Stewart circle cutter (but ultimately returned), so I wanted to get it off my desk and onto card. I had some DCWV Citrus scraps around so I cut them up and rounded some corners. I think the card came out kinda abstract-y.

Card Specs:
Ink: Colorbox chalk ink in Chestnut Roan
Punches: Fiskars Twist & Flip 2-in-1 corner punch, Fiskars Threading Waters border punch
Stamps:Fiskars- Just Between Friends (sentiment)
Paper: Die Cuts With A View- Citrus

For a smile: check out these cute kitty cookies.

Song of the day: "Just Stop Believin'"- Lady Gaga/Journey mashup. Heard it at spin.


Creative Minds said...

That was sweet for you to share your coupon! I've done that before too. The lady looked at me in awe. I guess people don't expect random acts of kindness anymore. That's kind of sad.

Enjoy your new stamps! :)

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