Thursday, March 25, 2010

Upcoming Crafty Event, Yay!

Upcoming crafty event news: last night, I was perusing Craigslist for upcoming craft fairs and I found one in VA about 40 minutes away on April 10. Yay! It's at a church, and the vendor fees go to help the church's summer camp. I emailed the pastor this morning to reserve my spot. Let the preparations begin! I'm so excited to have found this event because a) it goes to a good cause and b) I really enjoyed the craft fair experience last winter and I'm glad that I don't have to wait until this winter to have it again. It was a great way to get buyer feedback and find out what people like and don't like.

I had good intentions of going to the gym for spin tonight. I even set my alarm to wake me up from my nap at 6:30 PM, but I just totally slammed down on the snooze button and slept for 30 more minutes. I guess my body needed it. I still have Saturday morning's class to make my week spin class count: 3.

With the energy that was gained from that power nap, I started increasing my inventory for the upcoming craft fair by working on some origami shirt/tie cards. Because many of my cards are on the girly side with glitter and rhinestones, I need to make sure that I have something for the guys as well. By the end of my crafty session tonight, I cranked out 16 origami shirt/tie cards. Whew!

Random act of kindness: when I was walking to the post office today, I walked by a Quiznos employee who gave me a "buy 1 sandwich, get 1 free" coupon. I don't really eat at Quiznos so I gave the post office lady the coupon. Maybe she and a friend can get a yummy lunch in the next few weeks before the coupon expires.


Montagyoo said...

I love the shirt and tie cards! Well done!

VividColors said...

Those cards are really cute! :)

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