Saturday, March 20, 2010

Marathon Day

Wakey, wakey at approximately 4:45 AM. I didn't know that that time actually existed, but apparently it does in order to get to the Suntrust National Marathon on time to see Meg at Mile 3. Page, Meg's family, and I (in our lime green Team Meg shirts) were ready and waiting for her as she ran by and tossed us her arm warmers and gloves. We stuck around for about 2 hours at Starbucks to see her come around again for Mile 17. We all spread out along Mile 17 so that we could get multiple shots of her. For one day, I felt like the paparazzi. I was getting a little worried at Mile 17 when I saw a girl completely wipe out. On the street. Screaming and crying. Very scary. As soon as I saw Meg, I breathed a sigh of relief. Once Mile 17 was over, we took the Metro to RFK Stadium for the finish.

We hung out at the finish and waited for Meg to show up. Unfortunately, I was distracted by the other runners and commentators that I totally missed her! Her sister even came by to tell me that they were at the tents, but what I failed to understand was that they were at the tents with Meg. Oops. I waited around the finish line, getting really worried, when in fact, Meg had already finished. Fortunately, Page took video of the finish so that I could see it. Way to go, Meg! You are officially a marathoner. We are so proud of you!

Upper left: Page and I at 7th and Constitution, where we met up with Meg's family. It's now affectionately called "32 Wallaby Way, Sydney." P and I had to repeat it in our heads a few times so that we'd remember where to meet everyone, similar to Dory in "Finding Nemo."
Upper right: This girl was giving people high fives at Mile 17.
Lower left: I made a new buddy. She's short and only has a few teeth. It's Meg's niece (age: almost 1). She's super cute.
Lower right: Me with Marathon Meg.


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