Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cincinnati, Day 3

Day 1 at the registration table went really well. I think that it helped that I wasn't the only one there, that there were more senior/experienced people around to answer questions that I didn't know the answers to, and that there was a huge chunk of people who registered yesterday so that there wouldn't be a huge rush this morning.

Miss Iowa was the guest speaker for today's conference. Yes, a beauty pageant queen at a public health event? I know. That confused me too. And before you roll your eyes like I mentally did when I found out she was coming, I found her to be super nice, super smart, and very articulate about her passion for science and inspiring the younger generation to be interested in science too. I thought it was a pretty cool platform to speak on because I'm not sure that the laboratories out there get the attention, funding, or credit that they deserve considering how much work goes on in them. I found Miss Iowa's opening remark to be amusing: "I wanted to be a tooth fairy when I grew up." P.S. Her crown was some serious bling.

After my shift at the registration desk was over, I went back to my room and took a nap. I really needed it, and I was up in time to help my boss set up for her session. A reception with vendors followed and that's basically the end of my day. I have another morning at registration tomorrow, so it's going to be another early night.

No interesting food report today. The ice cream place closed up right when I left the reception. I hope to go back tomorrow. I did eat some more of that yummy potato gnocchi though.

I got this free plush Giant Microbe from one of the vendors today. It's supposed to be 1,000,000x the actual size of the Influenza A H1N1 virus. However, really, it's like a pig's head without ears. I wonder whose job it is to come up with this stuff. Oh, wait. It says on the tag "Giant Microbes by Drew Oliver." Ooook.

Today was the first day that I can remember actually wearing a suit for the whole day and actually, it wasn't that bad. What a nice surprise. :)


Laura said...

glad to hear your meeting is going well! I LOVE gnocchi so enjoy some more for me :)

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