Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cincinnati, Day 6

A day that starts with cake for breakfast is usually a pretty good one. Our President's 50th birthday was yesterday, and I ate some of the leftover cake that was brought down to the registration table. It was a rich chocolate cake. Yum.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend Dr. Richard Besser's talk this morning. I heard it was a good one though! I was helping the meeting coordinator close down the registration room, box our materials up, and print out a bunch of FedEx labels. I didn't end up going to the cupcake place either. I was busy, and the chocolate cake was so good that I didn't think I needed to over do it with the sweets so early in the morning.

After the meeting, I had about 5 hours until my flight, so I went to lunch with one of my co-workers at this place called Cadillac Ranch, where we both got salads. It was nice to have some vegetables since most of my diet in Cincinnati was ice cream and chicken. After lunch, we hung out at the hotel for a while until it was time to head to the airport. We were going to be on the same flight along with some other co-workers, so it was kinda funny to see us all clump together at the gate.

I can't believe that I'm going to be at the office tomorrow. That's going to feel a little weird after being away for a few days. My first Annual Meeting has come to a close, and it turned out much better than I thought it would. I enjoyed meeting members that I haven't met in person before but have communicated with via phone and email. I really liked that I was even able to work/talk to co-workers that I don't normally work with or talk to. Onward to Omaha in 2011!

No crafty business for tonight, but I'll start the routine back up tomorrow. :)


Ren said...

Cake is good ANY time. ;-)

Amber. said...

mmmm cake for breakfast.

I found you in the etsy forums. Nice to 'meet' you :) From one cake lover to another!! I'm having a giveaway on my blog right now, if you are interested:

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