Monday, October 17, 2011

Co-worker Request: Calendar Cards

I finished the set of calendar cards this morning before work so that I could give them to my co-worker. Yep, I'm THAT dedicated. I tried to do a video tonight with a picture slideshow and voiceover, but that was just taking too much time so I'm giving up for now. Sleep is too important. Fortunately, I found this nifty tool on Picasa where you can create collages, so I figured that'd do the trick. You'll have to click on the image below to see the detail.While I was trying to figure out the video situation, I had a potato soup going on in the crock pot and nothing says comfort food like the smell of bacon and onions in the air.

Song of the day: "Without You"- David Guetta ft. Usher. Heard it at spin class tonight.


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