Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Salt Lake City, Day 1

While it was a little bit of a struggle to wake up at 5 AM this morning, I was thankful for the grogginess because it allowed me to sleep through most of my flight coming to Denver. There was a child crying in the row behind me through the full 3 hour flight. You’d think he would have tired himself out, but no. Alas, that was not the case. With the help of a nice nap and my MP3 player, I was about to tune him out. Poor little guy.

I watched part of the Today Show this morning on the plane, and I was amused by their segment on Yard Sales. Yep, I’m all about “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” The slow cooker that I got a few weeks ago is a good example of that. The lady sitting next to me was trying to figure out how to change the channel on the display and so she started pushing the buttons on the armrest that we shared. My display started changing and the Today Show went bye-bye. Whoops. I turned to her and told her that she could change the channels on her display with the left armrest and then we both laughed.

While waiting at the Denver airport for my layover, I was sitting writing up this blog post and I noticed something moving out of the corner of my eye. There were 3 sparrows paroling the waiting area, pecking around. Well, they certainly made themselves at home. I wonder if they’ll ever be able to leave the building and get back out to nature. Maybe they’d prefer to be in the airport so they always have access to food. I was also watching this little girl do handstands in the waiting area. Never a dull moment at the airport.

Yesterday, I was looking up some crafty deals and I noticed that had a local pick-up option for shipping. This was perfect since the pick-up site was not too far from my meeting site. Suh-sweet! Here are the goodies that I got (I’ll have to do a video on them when I get home): Cosmo Cricket Glubers, American Crafts Botanique collection, and a 6x6 pad from My Mind’s Eye. The taxi cab driver was nice enough to make a pit stop to pick up my order before taking me to the hotel. I was a little irked that there was only one person at the register. I didn’t like keeping the driver waiting, so it would have been nice if they found someone else to give me my order.

For dinner, I went with work people to a place called Squatters. I had a drink called Strawberry Fields and a BBQ pork sandwich (although that was a tough choice because there were so many good things on the menu).

Busy day ahead with an all-day meeting and then my odyssey back home.


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