Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Rainy but Productive Day

I thought this cold was on its way out, but alas, I was incorrect in my assumption. Sigh. Now the nose problems have moved on to a cough. Good thing it was kinda grey and rainy outside today, so I didn't feel like I was wasting a day inside. It was a productive day though.
  • Went through three boxes that I bought from my parents' house and came out with three piles: trash, donation, and keep.
  • Read Year of the Dog, a book that my friend Suzie got for me. I thought it was so cute and relevant to me because the author incorporated bits and pieces of Taiwanese culture (I'm Taiwanese-American. My parents are immigrants from Taiwan, but I was born in the States). In many parts of the book, I was like "I know what she's talking about!" That was a cool feeling.
  • Baked banana chocolate chip muffins to use up the spotty bananas sitting on the kitchen counter. I had made a batch a few days ago, so these will end up in the freezer and I can take the others with me when I go on my business trip next week.
The pot roast that I made last night was awesome. I was a little afraid that it'd be too salty, but since I tossed it with some egg noodles, it was a very yummy meal. My freezer is very happy. It must have been fate that I found this slow cooker at a rummage sale a while back. I dunno why anyone would give it up because I think it's awesome! Maybe the original owner got a bigger one.

While I didn't make a card for my blog today for World Card Making Day, I did make some origami dress cards for my Etsy shop.

Song of the day: "Marry You"- Bruno Mars. Have you seen this marriage proposal with this song in it? Credit goes to Emily and Julie for finding the clip.


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