Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dumpling Party

All the walking that we did on FRI and SAT tuckered us out, so there was not much walking today. Actually there was definitely more sitting and chatting. Mom was nice enough to buy some dumpling supplies so we could make and eat some. I did a similar thing for my birthday when I was in grade school, but my skillzzz have definitely improved since then. Mom was also impressed with the dumplings that Robyn and Suzie made. The best part of the event was obviously eating them, as evidenced by the huge smiles in the picture on the right. There were definitely leftovers for everyone to take home, so in true Tina's Family Fashion, you don't leave my parents' house without something to eat. (Meg had a bunch of things to do, so she couldn't make it to the party.)

After we were filled with dumplings, the 3 of us went to A.C. Moore...Robyn to get some yarn for her catnip mice and me to get some star rhinestones for my Christmas tree cards. We are planning to do a craft show together in November so it's time to get ready! I was so excited to see My Mind's Eye 6x6 pads there, but I resisted and ran away before I could buy all of them. Behold my self control. Suzie came along for the ride. After the craft store we went back to my parents' house to hang out until Suzie had to catch her train.

I went to my uncle's house for dinner tonight...of course, more eating. At least I did all the walking these past few days to balance everything out!

I'll have to do some investigating on how I can do a slideshow with pictures so that I can share the set of calendar cards I made for my co-worker. I have one more to finish up tomorrow and then I'll have a complete set. Too bad I didn't have more time to film a video, but at least I took pictures! Stay tuned.


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