Friday, October 7, 2011

Salt Lake City, Day 2

First post of the day. I'll make a card later tonight for the Fall-To Layout challenge.

The Travel Gods were clearly not with me yesterday. My trip home might as well have been called the Odyssey. At least the meeting that I came to Salt Lake City for went well in the morning. I ended up hanging out on the 18th floor of the hotel with my boss and coworker, catching up on emails and enjoying the beautiful view. There was already snow on the mountain top! I also took a picture of my fortune cookie fortune from yesterday afternoon. I showed it to my boss as a hint. Fortunately, she has a sense of humor and laughed. "I'm working on it, Tina."
We left the hotel around 3 PM to go to the airport yesterday, and I didn't get home until around 2:15 AM today. We all got on the airplane, and I knew that something was wrong when it was 15 minutes past when we were supposed to have left. Crap. The pilot came on the PA system to inform us that the flight had not been cleared yet. There was some communication problem between the FAA and all Delta flights. We ended up leaving an hour later than we were supposed to. That really messed up my travel plans from the airport to the house. My coworker was going to drop me off at the Metro, but because of the delay, all the Metro stations had closed! Plan B was to get a cab to the Metro station that I parked my car, but then the cab drivers in DC didn't seem to know where the Metro station was. My coworker, probably putting on her "mommy hat", told me that it would make her feel better to drive me to my Metro station. I need to make sure to give her some flowers on Tuesday when we're all back in the office. She really saved me and made sure that I got home safely.

Ahhhh. Home Sweet Home.


Chris and Paige Evans said...

I miss Salt Lake City! Sorry the travel hope was such a mess though!!

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