Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Onward to...

Salt Lake City for a work trip. I've never been there before so this should be interesting.

On an unrelated topic, I'm participating in a Light the Night event next weekend with my friends and to encourage some fundraising, I took a bunch of my homemade cards and put them in the office kitchen with my piggy bank to see if any of my co-workers would be willing to donate a dollar or two. The cards are there as a thank you gift. I ended up with $14 at the end of the day, which isn't too bad considering most of my office is already in Salt Lake City. I'm going to try again next week when more people are here.

Oh, my piggy bank? Yes, it's a legit piggy bank. It's this one from Little Tikes.


Oh, of course I'm bad ass. Why would you think otherwise? Ha ha.


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