Saturday, October 15, 2011

Zoo Visit and Light the Night

Today, we did a lot of walking. Yesterday, I did a lot of walking. Do you see a theme?

Well, let me back up.

My friend Suzie is here visiting from New York. Suzie came here last year around the same time. The two of us met up with Meg and Robyn downtown yesterday and walked around the American Indian Museum, sat at Potbelly for a while catching up and then walked around the Botanical Gardens.

Today, Suzie and I started out at a block-wide yard sale event called Attic in the Street. Suzie found a sweater for a friend's kid ($1) and a unique plate ($1). I found a set of measuring cups ($0.50) and a piece of artwork to hang in my place ($2). As much fun as the event was, the parking situation was atrocious. There were cars parked on both sides of the street and then there were cars trying to go in both directions. This was very challenging given the crowd and made even more complicated when a huge delivery truck was in the way. Suzie and I sat there for a while and people were getting really frustrated. Hey, I have places to go too! You think I'm sitting here because I love traffic and not moving. Sheesh. Oh well. The goodies we got were worth the trouble!

Next we met up with Robyn and headed to the National Zoo, where we walked around for 4 HOURS. I thought this was amusing considering I was concerned last night that we wouldn't have things to do between the Zoo and dinner time. We were fortunate that many animals were out and about (panda, lions, bears, elephants, etc.).

After the Zoo, we met up with Meg and had dinner at Red Hot and Blue, a barbecue place. Yum! This was the same place that catered the office summer picnic so I knew the food was going to be awesome. Then the 4 of us went down to the National Mall to meet up with Robyn's friend Maria for Light the Night. It was amazing to see all the people holding lit balloons against the monuments and night sky. After the 2.5 mile walk, we went to a restaurant for drinks and dessert (apple pie, peach cobbler, and vanilla pound cake).

Yep, it's been a good day. :)


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