Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baby Shower Prep

I had a very productive morning today. I was able to mail off my cable bill, get flowers for my office mate to celebrate her birthday, AND drop off baby shower items off in the main building. All before 8:30 AM. I was so proud of myself. I wasn't sure how my arms and shoulders would be feeling this morning, but I'm feeling lots better.

At the office:
The office has been very generous to us today. I found a $10 gift card to FrozenYo in my mailbox this morning, so of course, I had to cash in on it. I went over there for an afternoon break and got some cheesecake flavored frozen yogurt with Heath Bar and mochi toppings. Yum yum.

Baby shower prep: We are holding a baby shower at the office tomorrow for my former office mate, Jennifer. Because I had some free time this afternoon, I volunteered to do it. It was nice that we had enough diapers for two cakes because she's having twin girls. I fortunately had some pink ribbon in my craft room to use for decorating the diaper cake. For anyone that wants to do a diaper cake in the future, I got the instructions from this website. I can't take all the credit. One of the new girls from Communications walked by and asked me if I needed any help. Yep, here are some diapers and rubber bands, have at it! I can't wait to see Jennifer's expression when she sees all the presents and decorations. And I'm so glad that the office let me be crafty at work and utilize my other talents, other than planning and managing conference calls.


June K said...

Your "cakes" are so pretty. Oh she is going to love it.

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