Friday, February 17, 2012

Birthday Prep

This year, I decided to bake my own birthday cake. Sure, I could ask my parents to get me a red velvet cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory like they did a few years ago, but I wanted to try baking my own cheesecake by myself using this chocolate cheesecake recipe. I saw it on Annie's Eats recently, and I just knew it would be fully awesome. Unfortunately, it's not like I can taste test it before Meg and Robyn come over. Maybe I should bake emergency cupcakes or cookies as a back-up? Oh, the suspense. There will be a full reveal tomorrow. :)

Thank goodness for dishwashers. I made a total mess of my kitchen during tonight's culinary adventure. I can't decide if this is recipe #3.5 or #4 in my 2012 recipe New Year's resolution. I mean, my sister and I made a cheesecake for Thanksgiving last year, but this is my first one I've baked on my own.


June K said...

I'll look forward to hearing how it turned out.

Looks like RJ has been having too much fun lately :)

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