Thursday, February 9, 2012

Good Karma

At the office: I didn't really pack a lunch today because I was banking on getting some lunch meeting leftovers. That was until I found out as I was going up the elevator that they had all been taken. Noooooo! I wandered into the kitchen anyway, as if I was the last scavenger to the party and there was nothing left. Wah.


Then a coworker stopped me in the kitchen and said "Hey, Tina, I've been meaning to give you some money for the cards that you left out a few weeks ago. I thought you were going to leave a tip jar next to the box, but there was nothing there." Eeeh. Yeah. I mean, I thought about it, but I felt kinda funny about doing that and figured if I was hesitating, it probably wasn't a good idea. Anyway, he handed me some money and it was exactly what I needed to get a sandwich at Subway. What perfect timing! I mean, that was amazing! He didn't have to give me money because I WANTED people to take the cards that I had left in the kitchen. And he had no idea that I was looking for lunch. It was a reminder to me that what goes around comes around. I think it's true: if you do good things, good things will come back to you. :)

Book: I put The Help on hold in order to read The Hunger Games. There was some discussion about it at the brunch last Saturday so, of course, I wanna know what everyone's talking about!

Spin: The last time I went to spin was on Sunday. I missed 2 classes this week and even though I had the sniffles, I really felt compelled to go. And I'm glad that I did. Hello, exercise endorphins. How I've missed you.


June K said...

That's great about your cards. No RJ news flash today so all must be well with him. :)

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