Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Surprise Snail Mail

RJ: I was woken up this morning by a strange whirling sound. At first, I thought it was my printer going crazy, but I guess that just goes to show how my brain just doesn't function at 5:45 AM. The printer isn't even on, dummy. Hello. I went downstairs and almost tripped over RJ, and then I found the source of the strange noise. The automatic feeder was having trouble turning because the weight that I have on it was positioned incorrectly and was preventing it from turning. The motor was grinding and RJ was freaked out. Mommmmm! I want to eat, but the noise is scary. Yeah, ok. It's fixed. Chow down. I'm going back to bed.

At the office: I missed out on my co-worker's baby shower yesterday because I was home sick. I was so bummed because I wanted to see her reaction to the card that I made and everyone signed. I stopped by her desk today to catch up with her, and she said that she really liked the card. Mission Accomplished. I also heard from 3 separate people that the cake was awesome. Wah.

Snail mail: I was happy to find some snail mail in my mailbox when I got home today (junk mail doesn't count). One was a thank you card from Laura (glad you like the orchid!) and another was a birthday card.

From the office. (The big boss sends out birthday cards for staff.)

One that I made!

Can you read what it says at the bottom? It says, "P.S. nice card!"

Ha ha ha!


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