Saturday, February 18, 2012

Birthday Celebration, Part 2

Birthday festivities: My birthday started off with my phone buzzing in the early hours of the morning. Julie posted "Happy Birthday" on my Facebook wall, with each letter getting a separate post. The iPhone Facebook notifications were going off the hook. She frowned at the fact that someone else beat her to the first Facebook wall post.

Even though I stayed in bed longer than I usually do, I was very energized when I got up. I vacuumed my place up and did a load of laundry with towels and the dining room table cloth (it was very furry from RJ). Then I drove around in search for crafty things (see haul video below) and went to my parents' house. Mom framed my undergraduate and graduate school diplomas (they had been in a tube all this time). Julie got me some items off my crafty wish list and drew the cartoon kitty card with RJ on the front and family cats Ginger and Oliver (he died a few years ago) on the inside. It's not my birthday without some crafty presents, right?

Meg and Robyn came over to celebrate and the 3 of us went to see The Vow (Channing Tatum, yay), get Mexican food afterwards, and topped the night off with present opening and the chocolate cheesecake that I made last night. I'm going to count it as recipe #4 in 2012 New Year's recipe resolution. Yummm. Meg got me a recipe magazine with some baking cups and spoons, and Robyn got me the Captain America DVD. Guess what I'll be watching tomorrow. Hey, I gotta make sure the DVD works fine.

It's been a great birthday today, and I feel really loved with all the birthday calls, texts, Facebook posts and friends/family to celebrate it with. Birthday celebration part 3 will be tomorrow with my family.
Shopping: I decided to treat myself to a trip to Marshalls today. It IS my birthday after all. I got lots of American Crafts and Pebbles goodies.
Song of the day: "Part of Me" - Katy Perry.


June K said...

Happy Birthday, Tina (a little late). What a haul you got for $27.00. I wonder if there is anything good at our local Marshall's. Your sister DREW the cats? OMG, very talented artist.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

♫♪♫ Happy B-Day to you....Tina ♫♪♫ Love the card your sister drew of the creative!!! You birthday cake looks delicious!!! Sounds like you had a great day ~ that's what birthdays are about!!!! What did RJ get you for your birthday????

Jen W. said...

Glad you had a good day and it sounds like you were properly spoiled. :) Julie's card is BRILLIANT!

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