Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Target Run

Baby shower gift: My goal tonight was to get a baby shower gift for my co-worker. I debated ordering stuff from the Target registry, but ran into the problem of having to order at least $50 worth of stuff and I didn't want to pad the shopping cart with unnecessary stuff in order to get the free shipping. Especially when Target is right down the road. I decided to forgo the registry and buy her baby a cute blanket/rattle set. The baby will outgrow clothes, but the blanket will probably last a while. I went to my parents' house to say hi to Dad (he came home last night from a 3 week vacation in Taiwan) and to see if Mom had a gift box and wrapping paper. She grabbed a Macy's box and Coach tissue paper. Ok, so all the stuff doesn't match, but it's the thought that counts, right?

New workout video game: While I was at Target, I decided to get the Gold's Gym Dance Workout video game for the Wii console. It was a treat for myself because I want to add a little variety to my workouts. After 30 minutes, I did actually work up a sweat. I hope that's from genuine exertion and not because it's telling me I'm out of shape.


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