Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Random Musings

Apple verdict: In the name of public health, I decided not to eat it. Instead, I brought it home for the neighborhood squirrels.

At the office: I gave one of my big bosses a hard time about his resistance to post an entry on the organization's staff blog. "Tina! Do you think you'll live long enough to see me blog?!" This coming from a person that still carries around one of those personal calendar books in his back pocket despite having a Blackberry. I give him a hard time about that too. Anyway, he does have a point. I'll give up. At least I know I can give him some sass without risking my job.

A Powerful Mind: I had two moments today where I thought of something, and it actually ended up happening. a) I thought to myself "I really want some meeting leftover pizza" and then right as I was leaving the office kitchen, someone brought some in from their meeting. Sausage and peppers. Yep, I'll take that. b) On my way back from spin class, I thought "I would really like to come home to an Etsy sale." And I did! I sold an origami elephant valentine. :)

Food: I made another batch of butter chicken tonight. Yum yum!

Trying to go to bed earlier this evening so that I can hopefully wake up early and leave the office early to go for a run. The weather is supposed to be super nice tomorrow.


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