Monday, January 30, 2012

Bugaboo Creek

At the office story #1: one of my co-workers gave me the breakfast snack packs (muffin, apple, water, granola bar) that her hotel gave her (she's in town for a meeting). I was really excited because I didn't really pack a significant lunch. Free food. Yep, sign me up. The apple in the pack was a little funny. The apple butt was a little fuzzy, but I don't think it was mold because I was able to wipe it right up. I'm debating whether to just toss the whole thing in the trash tomorrow or just cut that part off. (Oh yes, my life is super exciting. Be jealous.)

At the office story #2: I've been trying to schedule a meeting for the past week using the Meeting Wizard website. However, with so many schedules to consider, I haven't been able to identify a date/time that works the best for the majority of folks. I think my frustration was coming across on the phone when I was on a conference call with a workgroup. "Tina, as frustrating as this might be, can you imagine how difficult this was when we didn't have those meeting scheduling websites?" (pause). "No, I have no idea what you're talking about. This is all I know." I could tell the others on the phone were smiling. "Ohhhh, that's right. You're sooo young."

Family: To celebrate my cousin's birthday, we went to Bugaboo Creek for dinner. I had a huge salad with chicken. It was one of those salads where I kept eating it for a good 15 minutes, but didn't feel like I put a dent in it at all! At least there are leftovers for dinner tomorrow. The waitress carded me. BAH HA HA. I did so good not eating any of the desserts at dinner, only to come home and eat the remaining gummy bears I bought the other day. Sigh. Oh well. Tomorrow's another day to do it right.


June K said...

No, Tina. It's fuzzy, don't eat the apple.

(You make me laugh.... it was a pain in the butt trying to schedule a meeting without the technology.... believe me).

Jen W. said...

I'm with June - skip the apple. Eat an apple flavored jolly rancher or something instead!

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