Friday, January 13, 2012

Not-So-Normal Manicure

Spinning: For a brief moment today, I thought I was going to go for a run this morning, instead of going to the gym for spin class. However, I took a look outside my window and saw the wind blowing around. Mmmyeahno. The gym it is.

Movie: I watched the movie 17 Again tonight on DVD (borrowed it from the library). It was actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Zac Efron would be a lot cuter if he had better hair. His hair looks a lot better in the trailer for The Lucky One. I really liked the book, so I hope the movie people don't ruin it.

Snail mail surprise: Mom said that I received some mail at the house. Uh, what? I wasn't really expecting any mail. That's really weird. "It says there's stamps inside." Ok, double weird. I definitely would have remembered ordering supplies. thinkthinkthink. Oh, wait. This must have been the prize I won from Jennifer's page, Styles Ink. Yep, it was. It's a Stampin' Up set called So Many Scallops.

Nails: I decided to try a not-so-normal manicure today. I usually go for the bright colors, but today's manicure is very different in that it's more subdued, as in not bright at all. I like it thought. I like how even though the nail polish is sheer, it doesn't dry streaky. This is Essie in Walk Down the Aisle (3 coats). It kinda looks like a French manicure, just without the fuss.


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