Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Decorating at Meg's

I went over to Meg's place tonight and hung out with Meg and Robyn and celebrated Meg's birthday for the 2nd time.  This time with presents.  Her birthday was while we were on the cruise, but I didn't want her to lug her present around during the trip.  I went with a hot pink picture frame and a $25 gift certificate to Shutterfly since I know that she loves making those photo books.  I did it strategically so that she could make a book out of the cruise pictures.

We got carry out from the Burger Joint, and I went with the veggie one.  On the cruise, I read a book called Food Rules and the basic premise of the book was "Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants."  That stuck with me so this past week, I ate mostly salads, fruit, yogurt and nuts.  I did stray a little bit though- the trail mix did have some chocolate in it, the cheesecake at Mom's birthday, and the leftovers at the office did include chicken.  Anyway, the veggie burger was really good and so were the sweet potato fries.

We reminisced about the trip and at the office antics that happened this past week.  Meg talked about having to get communion bread for church, which resulted in Robyn and me asking lots of questions about the bread since neither one of us goes to church.  Then the conversation veered into Easter.  Robyn asked Meg if she was going to decorate for Easter and I can't remember what she said in response, but somehow it got to Meg taking out her box of Easter decorations from the closet and the 3 of us on the floor and unboxing everything.  There were quite a few lambs, chicks, and rabbits after all that unboxing.  "I don't have that many Easter decorations."-Meg.  Mmmhm.  Well, that's true, in comparison to her Christmas decorations.  My favorite would have to be the large squirrel next to Robyn's feet.


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