Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pre- Bahamas Cruise: Miami

I decided to spend the night at Robyn's place last night because she lives closer to the airport.  It would take me a good hour on the Metro from my place, and I didn't want to risk any delays in getting there on time.  We watched several episodes of Big Bang Theory and ate pizza before "springing forward" and going to sleep.

We met Meg at the airport and off we went.  Onward to Miami.  Even though the cruise didn't leave until Monday, we wanted the extra day to hang out with Page and not be in a huge rush to get to the ship.  We met Page at baggage claim in the Miami airport and our college buddy quartet was complete.

The hotel that we stayed at was called Casablanca by the Sea.  The hotel still used metal keys instead of the plastic access cards.  How old school.  The view from the hotel room was beautiful- we could see the ocean and the beach and do some serious people watching.  After getting settled in and changing into clothes suitable for Miami weather, we went on a search for lunch.  The other three got fish tacos and I got chicken tenders with fries.  It was nice to catch up on life in person finally.

We headed back to the hotel and relax and talk some more until it was time for dinner. There didn't seem to be too many places to eat around the hotel, so we settled for the hotel restaurant.  I had a salad for dinner and mojito...the vegetables were definitely welcomed.  Robyn asked for a gin and tonic and the waitress asked what was in that.  Page had to clarify that it was an alcoholic drink that had gin and tonic in it.  Clearly the waitress wasn't a bartender too.  That definitely got a few laughs.  Then it was back to the room to start winding down the day.  It had been a long day with all the traveling and walking we did!
Check out the fixtures outside the unique, right?
View of the beach from our hotel window.  The hotel website said that an ocean view would cost $8, but we got this view without that charge.
Page (left) and Meg (right)
Robyn and me


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