Saturday, March 2, 2013

Target Haul

I was on a mission today.  a) Go to a moving sale near my parents' house and b) go to Target to find some placemats because the ones that I have now are not washable and there are some pen marks and nail polish stains on them.  I wanted to buy ones that were for eating only (no crafting or doing my nails on them...).  I'm happy to report that Target was very good to me today.  I found 4 daffodil colored washable cloth placemats for...get this...$0.68 each!  I also found some good deals on jewelry.  My next crafty adventure will be to build a framed jewelry holder so that I can display all my earrings in the bedroom.  The pottery bowls they are in now doesn't do them justice because they get jumbled together and you can't see all the colors in their glory!


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