Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday Shopping Deals

Yard sale/Goodwill Finds: My yard sale find today was a meow frame for $0.50 cents. This was good timing because I used my 50 free prints offer on Shutterfly last night and ordered some prints, some of them being RJ.  Shocking, I know.

Later on this afternoon, I went to Goodwill and found a few good deals. I can't believe someone would donate a perfectly good 24 oz. Tervis tumbler. I got it for $0.56 and it retails for $15 (!).  This might become my office water glass.  It'll be more environmentally friendly since I've been using the paper ones.  I am wary of using the office kitchen items given our recent mouse scare.  Anyway, that's the best deal that I've gotten in a while!! I also got a large basket ($2.96) to put in my linen closet to keep my extra toiletries contained. With the basket, I don't have to worry that they will fall all over the place. I got a frame for $0.96 to use for something work-related.
Bam, organized!
More Shopping: I was very lucky at Ulta today. Their Freeman face masks were Buy 1, Get 1 free and I had $1 off coupon for a full size product. I have the lemon/mint clay mask, which I've been using recently and love!  I ended up getting the cucumber peel-off one and the Dead Sea Minerals and Sea Salts one, and even the cashier was surprised how good of a deal I got. "It's like getting it for free!!" she says as she's giving me my change. Mmmhm, you got it.  The coupon was attached to a trial size of the cucumber one...what a great marketing idea!

Mirrors exist for a reason: I wondered why the librarian gave me a funny look today. I later realized in the car that it was because I had chocolate on my face from when I went to my parents' house earlier and ate a piece of chocolate almond bark.  Oops.  


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