Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Office Kitchen Guest

At the office: I come back from a walk outside (ok ok, to CVS and DSW) and my office mate says that I missed the commotion in the kitchen.  "Oh, was it because of the edible arrangements in there?  I saw the email."  Our office always gets excited when there's free yummy food.  "No.  There was a mouse in the dishwasher."


"Was it alive?"


Yuck.  The building maintenance people were here to fix the problem.  By fixing, I mean running the dishwasher.  I guess they are hoping to drown it?  I'm not sure how they'd get the dead mouse out.  I won't be using any office silverware or plate for a while.  That's for sure.

Hair Dyeing: My mission at CVS was to buy some hair dye.  I got a box from Revlon in black, and I had a coupon too.  ~$3 and an hour later, buh-bye gray hairs.  :)


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