Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today was the final day of Employee Appreciation week at the office, and the event today was bowling!  Around 1:30 PM, I finished my last conference call for the week and my officemate and I set off to go to the bowling alley in Bethesda.  I was hoping we could be fashionably late, but we were the first ones there (aside from the HR director who was there to make sure that all the arrangements were right).  The food was pretty good (spinach/artichoke dip, mini tacos, tater tots), and the bowling was fun...not that I was any good at it.  My score was 66 at the end of the game. :P  Oh well, it was fun to socialize outside the office.  The Marketing director went on a Bahamas cruise the week before I did, and she went to see the flamingos and the Hemingway cats too!

After the office event, I went home to get the strawberry cheesecake that I made to bring to my uncle/aunt's house for my mom's birthday dinner.  Blueberries and strawberries were not on sale when I went to Safeway on Wednesday, but I went with the strawberries because you could buy more for less.  Why are blueberries so expensive?!  Anyway, I made a plain cheesecake and strawberry topping.  The topping was a little watery for my taste, but everyone liked it.  Whew!  Clearly, I'm too critical of my own food.


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