Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Day

The federal goverment was closed today, so I got a snow day!  The snow wasn't really all that exciting because it was wet snow and everything looked really slushy outside.  Oh well, I got to sleep in and that was awesome. I was on my work computer doing email for a little bit today and based on what I see on our office IM system, a lot of us were on our work computers. Sometimes the show must go on. Given all the stuff that's been in the news about the Yahoo CEO doing away with teleworking and yucky weather days like this, it makes me feel so lucky that my job allows us to telework and that we have the technology to do so. It's one of the best benefits I have! 
One alarming thing that happened this morning was that when I checked my phone when I woke up, all my text messages on my iPhone were gone! ACK, WTH?! Good thing I had a recent backup on my iTunes. That was a good reminder for me to backup my phone every night before bed because you never know what could happen!


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