Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Interviews and Aria

Interviews: I'm on an interview panel for a survey position at work.  The candidate that came in today was here for her second interview.  I wasn't completely wowed by her during the first interview, and during this second one, I was downright bored because she was not concise in her answers.  The only reason I wrote anything down was because I had to turn in my interview notes.  Otherwise, I would have just sat and listened and absorbed what she was saying.  Her career goals weren't really matching up with the position she was applying for, which made me think that she didn't do her homework.  Another red flag: she didn't have any questions for us at the end.!

Aria: Between getting off work and going to spin class, I went over to my friend Jessie's house to drop off a book that I got from the conference in New Orleans.  Her baby, Aria was so cute!  I'm not around little babies, so I wasn't feeling very confident about holding Aria so I passed. Jessie was understanding...others had said the same thing. Whew. Aria's looked so tiny and delicate and cute; I didn't want to do anything wrong. Even if I did feel confident, Aria was also sleeping soundly while being held by her husband Joel and I didn't want to disturb the peace.  It's so much easier to hold RJ because I know if he wiggles and I drop him, he's going to land on his feet and be just fine.

Speaking of RJ, check out those whiskers fanning out while getting a chin scratch.


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hey.....I am wearing yellow nail polish today...Sally Hansen, picked it up at Walgreens for a $1-Mellow Yellow and also in the bin for $1-Crushed. Then I cover it with SH's Golden Rule so my nails get a sparkle!! See how you have inspired me to wear nail polish???

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