Monday, May 27, 2013

New Wheels

New Wheels: Dad came to pick me up at my place this morning around 9:30 and off we went to the dealership.  The both of us had done our internet research and emailed several dealerships over the past couple of days, so we were prepared.  Dad emailed the sales clerk this morning to let her know that we were coming in today.  When we got there, we met with her and told her what we were looking for.  She let Dad and I test drive the car (red Honda Fit Sport).  It was really fun to drive and not much different from driving Dad's 2009 Civic.  The steering was definitely a lot smoother than my 2002 Civic and I love how you can control the radio channels and volume from the steering wheel.  We talked about pricing and I was able to get a good deal since it's a) the end of the month and b) Memorial Day weekend.  By noon, I was on the road with my new car :D  Beep, beep!

I drove by my parents' house to show my mom.  "Tina, do you want to drive me to Safeway?"  "Um, no.  I can drive you around the neighborhood though."  Now I'm going to be all paranoid in parking lots and tight spaces.
New Nails: I tried out the Orly Passion Fruit polish (2 coats) that I got at CVS last week. The picture doesn't really capture how bright this color is. I love it!
Song of the day: "Madness"- Muse.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend...and took a moment to remember what this day is all about: sacrifice, remembrance.


June K said...

Congrats on your new Honda. I like it especially because it looks like there is very little blindspots (oh, so important). You sound like me about tight parking spaces. LOL. Where I live do you know who has the tightest spaces? Of all places medical building. How dumb is that especially when patients have physical problems/injuries and it is not easy for them to get in and out of their cars.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Nice looking car Tina, I really like the color. My last couple of cars have been silver. I am so needing a new color car, we might be looking at a new car in the next couple of weeks if finances goes in our favor and the car we want is available for us, there was someone else looking at it too. A purple, dodge mini-van with 77,000 miles, one owner. we'll see.

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