Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Office Training and Cute Baby

At the office: There were a lot of women at the office wearing pink today. I kinda wanted go up to someone and say "On Tuesdays, we wear pink..." like from the movie Mean Girls.  Except in the movie, it's Wednesdays, instead of Tuesdays.

My coworker buddy who I've seen at quite a few yard sales recently and I were swapping yard sale stories from this previous weekend (it's interesting what kind of stuff people can bond over).  She was saying that she bought two sawhorses over the weekend, but because she didn't have a car that day, she walked to the yard sale and took the bus home with the saw horses.  I guess she really wanted that stuff!

On a more serious note, the bulk of my morning was a Diversity & Inclusion training.  I went into it thinking YAWN, but I walked away thinking, "Ok, that was a nice reminder.  At least it was entertaining and informative.  They also fed us pizza which is always a bonus."  The trainer used a lot of stories, either from his professional or personal life, which made things more interesting and relatable.  He showed clips from A Class Divided and The Lunch Date to emphasize his points about discrimination.

Cute baby alert: The alien baby blanket that was part of my baby shower present to my friend Cristina has been put to good use.  Cristina showed me a picture of baby Nicky being all bundled up.  The green alien reminds me of Mike Wazowski  from Pixar's Monster's Inc.  Super cute!


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