Friday, May 3, 2013

Clean Up Day

Clean Up Day: My office will be doing a renovation in the near future, so we've been encouraged to recycle and get rid of as much stuff as we can to make the move easier.  The idea is that the main building will be gutted.  Any essential personnel like Human Resources and Finance will move to our smaller building and take over our desks.  Everyone else will work from home for 4-6 months while the renovation is happening (myself included).  Once the building is done, we will all be in one space instead of the two we're in now.  Anyway, we had large trash bins filled to the brim of papers and binders of stuff that we were no longer thought was useful.  I recycled a bunch of stuff that my previous boss left for me when she went to another organization.  My office is definitely feeling a little sparse.  I went across the street, and there were definitely a lot more bins and a lot more trash.  I shamelessly did a little dumpster diving and found some bubble wrap, reusable bags for grocery shopping and a water bottle.  I can use all of these things, so no point in letting it go to waste!  I probably could have found some more useful things, but I was going to lunch with a former co-worker, Morgan.

Blast from the Past: During the clean up, I found a pad of paper that had my handwriting as well as Meg and Page's handwriting.  After scanning the page, I realized that it was a list of funny things that we said during our trip to OBX in 2007. I laughed out loud when I read some of these. Good thing my office mate isn't here today. Sigh, good times!

Busted: After lunch, I came home since the whole point of today was to do the clean up.  Plus, I wanted to pack.  My boss called me at one point to check in.  "What side of the street are you on?"  Uh oh.  Busted.  "Umm, I'm at home since I finished cleaning up."  "Oh!  No problem, I wanted you to check on something for me but I can ask someone else to do it on Monday.  Have a safe flight!"  I'll be seeing her tomorrow when we go to New Orleans for a meeting.  
Family Time: Julie is home for the weekend, but since I'm leaving tomorrow, tonight was the only time that we could hang out.  I ordered pizza and got Silver Linings Playbook from Redbox.  The movie was cute (hello, Bradley Cooper), but not something that I would buy and watch over and over.


June K said...

Dumpster diving - too funny! Have a safe trip.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

oh...Silver Linings Playbook......been waiting for Netflex to send that to me, looking forward to seeing it.

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