Monday, May 13, 2013

Tricks at the Office and a Tory Burch Card

At the office: Two guys from IT came over to the office that I was camping out in and shut the door.  Uh oh.  Umm, did I do something wrong?  "Tina, we heard you were bad mouthing IT...." o_0 I sat there with my earbuds in, trying to figure out what they said.  Surely, I can't be in trouble.  I mean, can I?  I played back recent conversations in my head.  Nothing that I was putting together in my head was making sense.  I think anyone down the hall could hear me go "HUH??!"

"Nah, we're just messing with you."  Bah ha ha haaaa.


Then the light blub went off and I figured out what they were referencing.  Another co-worker was sorta bashing IT at a meeting that I was running 2 weeks ago.  I could understand her frustration, but I could also see how IT would be frustrated that she didn't ask for help ahead of time.  I had a conversation with another staff member that works closely with IT after the meeting to say that IT bashing was not the intention of the meeting and it shouldn't have gone in that direction.  She knew where I was coming from and made a point to reassure me that at least I was in the clear.  She must have relayed that conversation to IT and of course, they had to plot to see how riled up I could get.  Being on IT's bad side is never a good thing, so I'm glad it was just a joke.  Happy Monday.

Card: A repeat buyer asked me to make a card for her daughter's birthday.  Apparently this daughter is really into upscale purses like Tory Burch, so I used that as my inspiration. 


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