Friday, May 24, 2013

PowerPoint Princess

My work's annual meeting is coming around the corner.  My poster is printed and ready to go.  Well, actually, I know that it was delivered to the office, but I haven't rolled out yet.  I have my fingers crossed that when I come into the office on Tuesday that it's ready to go.  My boss's poster, on the other not done yet.  I would be freaking out if I were her.  She calls me up this afternoon, asking if I was still looking for a project.  Well, of course.  I mean, even if I wasn't, I'd still say yes.  Anyway, she needed help putting her poster together.  She emailed me the text.  I spent less than an hour copying, pasting, formatting and coloring and BAM.  Instant poster draft.  I sent the draft back to her.  She calls me back.

"Oh, this is excellent!  Outstanding!  This gets me a lot further than I was this morning!"

I love doing little effort work, but getting maximum approval from my boss.  Those are the best types of assignments.


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

It is always nice to feel appreciated, isn't it.

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