Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ebay Sale Complete

At the office: Today was another clean up day for the office (in preparation for the move and renovation).  On clean up days, we get pizza.  I went across the street to get pizza for myself in the conference room and then I thought the friendly thing to do was get a whole bunch of pizzas for the coworkers on my side of the street.  I grabbed 3 whole pizzas (veggie, cheese, and pepperoni).  I got some strange looks from people.  Depending on if I feel like I could joke with that person, I'd either respond with "OMG, I'm so hungry" or "I'm just bringing these across the street for folks."

Ebay: While I was writing a payment reminder email to the woman who won my Ebay auction for the Just Dance 2 Wii game, she sent me her payment via email. 

Whew, that was close!

How horrible would it be if I sent that email, while she's sending the payment? 

There we go, my first Ebay auction sale complete! :)


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Yeah..that was close, but you need to know the other person will follow through on their end. Etsy can be a little fickle at times, when someone buys cards...the cards are sent and one never knows if the cards are received....what ever happened to that feed back app and people would say, "received cards, great etsy seller (or buyer)" So many changes on Etsy....never tried Ebay, although I have bidded on things and received the items....always had paypal, so I guess things work more smoothly with paypal.

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