Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Yard Sale Finds + New Nails + Piola

My yard sale run today wasn't as exciting as in previous weeks, but I did find some good deals.

There was a yard sale that was advertised a week in advance that was my first stop this morning. They kinda hyped it up, but I walked away with only one thing: this Wallflower fragrance set.  Another seller at the yard sale was like "Aw, man!  I was planning to get that!  I was too slow!"  Yep, too slow.  I also saw my coworker at this yard sale.  I'm curious to see what goodies she got.  This is already running in my bedroom and it smells great! Retail price: $12.50.
I got these gift bags at a yard sale near my parents' house.  25 cents per item and I got 7 bags and a thing of tissue paper.  These are all in good condition, so now I don't have to run to Target at the last minute to get a gift bag!
This was my only item that I got to resell from today's haul.  It's a handheld Monopoly game.  The tag says $1, but I think the lady was desperate to get it out of the house so she told me that she'd sell it to me for 50 cents if I took it right then and there.  Eh, maybe.  I wanted to check out the yard sale across the street from them and then come back.  I found some muffin tins at the other yard sale to replace the slightly rusty ones at home, and then came back to get my 50 cent game.  I tested out the game with fresh batteries when I got home and it still worked.  It's an interesting find, but I probably won't make too much of a profit from it.
 All set for when it's time to make some muffins!  Well, after I wash them, of course.
After my morning of yard sales, I came home and vegged on the couch and watched the Up DVD that I bought at a yard sale last week.  I wanted to make sure that the disc was in good condition.  It's currently up on Ebay with 4 watchers and 1 bid.  Yay!

New Nails: I painted my nails yesterday while I was taking a break from work and waiting for my lives on Candy Crush to reload.  I'm currently stuck on Level 28.  This is 2 coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polish in Brisk Blue.
Dinner with Meg and Robyn: The three of us hadn't hung out together since before Memorial Day so this pow wow was long overdue.  We went to Piola in Arlington.  I got the noodles and meat sauce and we all shared a carafe of sangria and a serving of tiramisu and then hung out at Meg's place to chat some more.  You'd think with texting all week, we'd have nothing to talk about, but we chatted for about 6 hours total!


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Interesting blog looks good and that polish is a great color. Liked your finds at the rummage sales....always fun to find something useful!!!

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