Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day Off, Day 1

I'm taking a few days off this week to just relax, specifically Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  I figured I'd get stuff done at the beginning of the week and then check in mid-week.

Despite a day off from work, I got a lot of things done today.  Let me count the ways...
  • Picked up my vase from the pottery class that I took at the end of June.  They had trouble finding it because it was labeled "No Name."  I guess the business card that I left with it got separated from it.
  • Bed Bath and Beyond for a new water bottle.  
  • Tuesday Morning to check out their crafty items.  Came out with a 50 cent floral stamp.
  • TJMaxx...found 2 new redish China Glaze nail polishes, perfect for fall.
  • Target to pick up some pictures that I printed from Sunday's dinner for my uncle to put in his photo album.  I also picked up 2 pairs of earrings on clearance and 2 shirts on sale (I actually went back to another Target after going to the gym tonight because I forgot to use a coupon.  The lady was nice enough to give some of my money back).
  • Goodwill for some "treasure hunting."  I bought 3 DVDs for $1 each (Gladiator, Remember the Titans and Cinderella), 1 GameCube game for reselling, and 3 mugs for reselling (1 Baltimore Orioles vintage beer mug, 1 EMT beer mug, and 1 Boynton hippo one).  I haven't tried to resell mugs before, but for about $3, I figured it was worth a try.  My sister thinks I'm being silly.
I stopped by my parents' house, hoping they'd be home and I could show them my vase, but sadly, they were not home.  I found out later from my cousin that a bunch of my family members were at Costco and provided picture evidence of my mom with her very berry sundae.  It made me want a very berry sundae too, but by the time I went there tonight, the eatery was closing up.  Oh well, I didn't need the calories anyway!  Hmph.


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