Sunday, June 30, 2013

Artsy Day

My friend Steph gave me a Groupon for an art class at a local arts center for my birthday.  I was going to do it last week, but then had to change at the last minute because they switched the schedule.  The timing wouldn't have been great because I had yard sale plans already!  Thankfully, they were able to switch it for me to today, which was the last day that I could use the Groupon (whew!).

I chose the "Mud and Merlot: Vase" class, not for the merlot, but because I haven't done pottery since probably middle school and the vase would be a functional piece in my house.  The instructor gave us a demo on how to add pieces and texture to our pre-thrown vases and then we were let loose to do whatever we wanted.  It would have been interesting to learn how to do the vases, but that would definitely have taken more time than the 2.5 hours we were allowed.
I saw the fish and the color options for glaze and I went straight for a fish/water scene.  I didn't want to spend too much time designing and figuring out what I wanted to do because that could take ages.  I use molds to get the fish image (I made 2, one for each side), glazed the vase and fish separately, and then adhered the fish to the vase.  I was the first one done with my vase.  Other people were chatting and eating the snacks provided.  I was focused on getting my project done and moving on to the next thing of my day.  The vases will be fired in the kiln and we can pick them up in about 2 weeks.
Before I went to the class, I got a bunch of things off my to-do list: buy cat food, printer ink and a new cell phone cover to replace the one that broke recently (cry cry cry).  The new one is blue and kinda glittery with a leopard print.  They had a hot pink one, but I wanted to switch it up a little since my previous case was pink.
After the class, I went to my boss's boss's house to water his outdoor plants.  My payment was cookies that his wife baked (I had a preview of them at the office on Friday)...some chocolate and coconut cookies.  Yum!  I shared them with Julie when I stopped by my parents' house.  These cookies will not last long at all!


June K said...

Cool vase, Tina. Sounds like it was something different to do and was a lot of fun.

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