Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Raleigh, Day 4

Not much to report from today except for my food fail.  I walked around Raleigh in search of something to eat for dinner.  I walked by Bolt and I remembered that a co-worker mentioned that they had some yummy lobster mac and cheese.  The hostess sat me down and offered me a menu.  The waiter that came by soon after that (he had some big holes in his ears.  Very alternative looking.  It totally caught me off guard) and explained that it was restaurant week and they were doing their 3 course meal for $30.  Uh no.  I'm not interested in a large meal.  I explained that I was there for the lobster mac and cheese.

There was a flicker of something in his face.

Oh, no.

"We actually don't have any lobster mac and cheese.  We ran out."

Nooooooo.  Ok, ok.  Maybe I'll get a drink.  What?  $10 for a cocktail.  Mmmyeahno.  I politely said thank you for his time and bolted out of there.  I went across the street to CVS, but wasn't really feeling anything over there.  I even went down the make up aisle, but didn't feel like buying anything.  I walked back to the hotel and remembered that there was a Chick-Fil-A nearby.  I approached it and saw on the front door that they were closed at 2:30 PM.  WAH!  I gave up and went back to the hotel and ate the other half of my sandwich from lunch.

I guess you can't have a good food day every day.

One good thing from today was that my committee was able to meet and sit together at lunch today.  We haven't had an in-person committee meeting in a year and with budget constraints, it's still up in the air if we'll have one this year.  We took a group picture at the end, and I hope I can get my hands on it from the official conference photographer at some point.


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said... 4!!! Sorry you had a bad "food day" but all the other days sounded like you ate well!!! It's always fun to check out new places to eat!! Glad you made it home safe and sound, RJ certainly was glad to see you.

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