Friday, June 21, 2013

A New Dress, Nails, and RJ's Vet Appointment

At the office: Whew, the HR girl approved of the card samples that I made last night.  Now I can use this weekend to focus on putting a dent in the order.

I wore this bright yellow lace dress to the office yesterday and got several compliments on it, even some random lady on the street.  You know you look good when strangers are dishing out nice words.  I suppressed a laugh because I got it at Target in the clearance rack.  Tee hee.
Nails: I painted my nails last night and used some new metallic nail polish and washi tape to add some gold accents.  2 coats of Wet 'N Wild in I Need a Refresh-mint.  1 coat of Maybelline Color Show in Bold Gold.  I'm not sure how I feel about the gold polish.  It was a little goopy. 
RJ: Today was RJ's regular check-up at the vet.  He voluntarily went into the carrier, but once we got in the car...WAIL!  He was a very unhappy kitty.  When he got in the exam room, he was searching for a way out.  Fortunately, we weren't there for long.  Eyes, ears, teeth, heartrate, breathing...done!  The vet technician kept commenting on how big a boy he is.  Yep.  A little over 15 pounds.  Apparently he's lost some weight, but I don't know how that's possible since he's a lazy butt.

"This is what I think of the vet," says RJ.  I actually think she's really nice.
In the neighborhood: I went to get gas for my car this evening, and my neighbor was outside looking at her flowers. We made some small talk. Not too long after I went inside, I heard the doorbell. It was the same lady. She had some banana bread to share. Aw, that was nice. I felt kinda bad on the inside that I was not too happy with her kid, but I still think they need to keep a better eye on him.


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