Saturday, June 22, 2013

Good Yard Sale Day

I was a busy bee this morning!  Since my Saturdays have been kinda busy lately (craft fair last week, CrossFit Games the Saturday before that, work meeting the Saturday before that!), I haven't been able to go to any yard sales recently.  The lady that has the office next door to me...she was telling me about the stuff that she bought last week and I was thinking "bummer, wish I went!"  However, I made money at the craft show (money that I was planning to spend today), so it worked out.

First stop: crafty yard sale at a Stampin' Up demonstrator's house.  She was getting rid of many of the retired items.  I went last year and got a bunch of things.  I didn't get as many things this year, but I'm still pleased with the things that I got, especially since I got some new stamp sets that I could resell for a profit (a lesson that I learned last year).  She extended the sale until Tuesday, so I'm considering going back tomorrow.

The next place I went was a huge multi-family yard sale that was taking place at a city hall's parking lot.  In contrast to the crafty yard sale, I was not as pleased with this one because many of the vendors were selling stuff like Avon or other direct selling businesses.  Lame-o.  I did find some good stuff though: a birdhouse art piece for $3 and (an even better find!) a brand new Stampin' Up birdhouse stamp set (c. 1996) for $1.  I'm keeping the birdhouse art piece and going to try to sell the stamps.

While it might take some time to sell the stamps that I got today, I know it can be done and that there are buyers out there because I've been able to sell 2 sets in my Etsy store. Fingers crossed.

My last yard sale was primarily jewelry.  I went to this one last year as well, so I kinda knew what to expect.  I got 3 beaded necklaces for $15 total.  The family there was selling stuff at 1/2 the wholesale price.  Not too bad!


June K said...

Great haul, Tina. You are really good at finding deals.

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